Karn Forthington IV

The King of Pecunious


A strong willed man who understands the importance of his god-given position. While not violent in nature, it is not beyond him to act as such. As long as he has a damn good reason to do so.


The king of the continent of Pecunious. Recently was overthrown by himself. Has a trusty Cleric at his side.

PC Interaction:

The King (as he is known to the PCs)is responsible for allowing the characters to get a fresh start on a new life. Notably when he saw their great potential as body-guards for the kingdom. Acting as a hidden force, as advocates for the greater good of the kingdom. His first request from the newly-established party was to find and cripple a very large and important caravan. One that seems to travel the world, spreading its wealth. The direct reasons why were not clear…

Karn Forthington IV

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