Karavok Ovarz

A wild looking half-elf wizard who sells all sorts of fun gag toys.


Owns a magic joke store in WestGate, full of gag gifts and toys for all occasions. While he is generally a light-hearted man, full of his own tricks, he has times of great concentration and seriousness. Specially when it comes to the Kingdom and its inhabitants.


Karavok’s Trust (Quest)
::A note for the party:: (Shadow Blades)

The Wizard has come onto hard times, while his gag store is doing well, he himself is uninspired as a creator and tinkerer of magic. As such, to find a muse he has taken upon himself to sell his abilities to the public. The price was high, so not many people responded to the opportunity, save a noble here and there. (Who just wanted potions of varying hypnosis effects ex. love potion.)
Unfortunately, this outlet did not provide Karavok with a muse, it instead got the attention of a nearby gang of thieves. Who quickly jumped on the opportunity to extort the Wizard, in exchange for his cooperation.
At first Karovok found it fun, as his muse once again returned. Though as the months went on, it became clear that he was a prisoner to the thieves, and he would soon be making destructive and deadly weapons for them. His resistance to the gang resulted in their unrelenting retaliation. Ending with the destruction of his home and work.

Please help my friend, liberate him from the hands of the thieves.

::End Note::

Karavok Ovarz

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