The World At Large

session 1-5 or so. An Update

The Prolog:
The characters started the game as gladiators in the kingdom of Pecunious. Summoned by the King, they were asked by him to become guards of the kingdom.

* An agreement was met, and their first order of buisness was to find a royal sword thought lost and gone forever in the depth of the castle.

* After completeing the task they were told to find a huge caravan and cripple it. As it is a threat to the kingdom’s trade and need to be taught some respect.

So began the adventure at hand, to find the caravan. The first step was to locatate where i could be now. After some gather information and diplomacy they learned that it left to the East about two years ago and has not been seen since. So they set out to a south west port town, to gain a ship and sail East. Their preperation for a long journey is well met as they gather steeds and supplies, which uses up almost all of their funds.

After ariving in the port town, they quickly find a ship heading East. After a little bit of negotiation of the price of the trip, they load up their gear and set sail. About half-way through, in the middle of the sea, the ships stop dead in the water. The ships sail’s paint a clear picture as to why, no aft wind.
p(. This poses a slight problem, their trip will take longer. Though the thought of going hungry is not seen as an issue.


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